Treasure Hunting

Over thousands of years, conflicts, battles and wars have covered the world, nations have fought for supremacy and wealth. Many people lost personal property or buried valuables to protect them from enemies and foreign occupying powers. Some of these ancient treasures and cultural artifacts disappeared deep under the surface over the years.

Today, thanks to technical developments, it is possible to recover those treasures that were believed to have been lost. Metal detectors and ground scanners allow to see into the ground before excavation.

Treasure hunting means more than just digging up gold treasures, silver coins and ancient artifacts. What motives are there for the treasure hunt?

  • You enjoy nature and are looking for a special kick.
  • You are enthusiastic about history, archaeology and local history and would like to discover relics and militaria by yourself.
  • You are keen on solving puzzles and look for very special challenges with real success.
  • You are fascinated by myths and legends about pirate gold.
  • You enjoy unique journeys with family members or friends.

Become part of the great adventure of treasure hunting and find buried treasures of the past!